Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Innergex expands into France

Innergex (TSE:INE) has announced it's first official foray outside North America, picking up assets and development prospects for wind farms in France. The announcement can be found here.

The ongoing global expansion of renewable energy assets has proven to be one of the better asset classes to be invested in this year. All of the renewable energy companies in my portfolio are currently at market beating levels, Innergex, for example, is currently showing a 22.49% gain for the year. Global expansion should provide them with a diversified and stable growth platform while securing their ability to continue paying dividends.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Surge Energy 4th Quarter 2015 results

Surge Energy announced their 4th Quarter 2015 results, which can be found here.

When it came to the collapse in oil prices, I largely lucked out. Prior to the crash, I'd sold a lot of my oil holdings at a gain, and was looking for somewhere else to put them. I scattered it throughout my assets, but wanted to hold on to some energy assets. I looked for solid producers that could whether a downturn. I picked Prairie Sky Royalty (TSE:PSK) and Surge Energy (TSE:SGY).

Unfortunately, I held on to a speculative asset as well that cratered and went bankrupt. Those things happen. However, the remaining two energy assets I'm more than happy to hold on to, and Surge Energy's latest results demonstrate why. In a challenging environment, they are holding on and rewarding shareholders for doing so. With the recent upswing in prices for oil, it's likely their 1st Quarter for 2016 will be significantly improved.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Alterra Power reports 2015 Year End Results

Alterra Power reported 2015 Year End Results which can be found here.

Renewable power continues to be a bit of a theme in 2016. Alterra Power posted their results, including the start up of the Shannon Wind project in the US, and it looks to provide them with steady growth in both energy and revenue generation over the next few years. I'm hoping to see execute on their plans over the next five years and once they've got a stable plate, I would expect to see a dividend announced sometime in that time frame. So far, so good!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

February 2016 Performance

Good start for Neu Grufti in 2016. While the greater markets have been down for the year, overall I'm up (final numbers aren't in, but January was a 1% gain and looks to be slightly larger for February). There's no complaints for me there.

There have been some bigger hits and misses this month, but overall, I'm happy to keep things where they are and look to my quarterly re-balancing for any major changes at the end of March. There were several companies that raised their dividends, and combined with small reinvestments and re-allocations, I'm well over halfway to the goal of a 15% increase over dividends paid in 2015.

Bear StockSuperior Plus has taken a big hit with lacklustre results and some serious overhang resulting from their takeover of Canexus. I was expecting subpar performance until the deal closes, but the hit so far this year is enough to drag down my entire speculative growth index. Ouch.

Bull StockRogers Sugar has had a stellar year so far. For a boring but dependable stock, it's produced some out sized returns for me so far this year.

* Indicates a purchase or sale of the security within the month

2016 Dividend Payments: $3037.36 (+9.28% over previous year)
2017 Dividend Payments: $3066.95 (+0.97% over previous year)

Speculative Growth (-4.79%)
Canopy Growth Corporation (TSXV:CGC): -0.67%
Organigram (TSXV:OGI): -18.09%
Prairie Sky Royalty (TSX:PSK): +1.49%
Sherritt International (TSX:S): +4.11%
Superior Plus Corp (TSX:SPB): -18.36% *
TELUS (TSX:T): +4.16%

Long Term Growth Canadian (+3.31%)
Alliance Grain Traders (TSX:AGT): +8.27%
Brookfield Renewable Energy (TSX:BEP.UN): -2.18%
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT (TSX:CAR.UN): +7.58%
Capital Power Corp (TSX:CPX): -0.45%
Corby Spirit and Wine (TSX:CSW.A): +0.38%
Innergex Renewable Energy (TSX:INE): +13.54%
RBC Global Corporate Bond Fund (RBF1009): +0.56%
Surge Energy (TSX:SGY): +2.77% *
TD Monthly Income Fund (TDB622): -0.72% *

Long Term Growth US (+5.21%)
Alcoa (NYSE:AA): +7.34% *
Disney (NYSE:DIS): -8.42%
Investors Bancorp (NASDAQ:ISBC): -8.52%
Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT): -8.29%
Nordic American Offshore (NYSE:NAO): -8.35%
Realty Income Corp (NYSE:O): +14.71% *
Unilever (NYSE:UL): -0.7%
Verizon (NYSE: VZ): +8.64% *

Canadian Retirement (+4%)
Anglo  Pacific (TSX:APY): +5.54%
Alterra Power (TSX:AXY): -3.24%
Boralex Inc (TSX:BLX): +14.38%
Chartwell Senior Housing REIT (TSX:CSH.UN): +2.83% *
Dream Global REIT (TSX:DRG.UN): -4.5% *
Methanex (TSX:MX): +1.49%
RBC 1-5 Year Laddered Bond (TSX:RBO): -0.86%
Rogers Sugar Income Fund (TSX:RSI): +15.91%
Royal Bank (TSX:RY): +21.48%

US Retirement (+3.5)
Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ): +2.42%
Dow Chemical (NYSE:DOW): +5.67%

Tax Free Income (-3.52%)
RBC US Monthly Income Fund (RBF1503): -3.52% *