Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Johnson & Johnson 1st Quarter 2016

Johnson & Johnson reported their 1st Quarter earnings for 2016, which can be found here.

Beating expectations despite facing some currency headwinds, Johnson & Johnson demonstrated their ability to provide slow and deliberate growth. With fast growing pharmaceutical sales and a solid stable of well recognized personal care products, they continue to be a solid holding that delivers. The results should also insure that the annual tradition of dividend increases continues unabated.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Alcoa Announces 1st Quarter 2016 Results

Alcoa (NYSE:AA) announced their 1st Quarter 2016 results, the presentation for which can be found here.

There was a lot of information to digest, but the overall story was one of continued pressure on the commodities portion of the business (aluminium and bauxite production), and increase opportunities and product movement in their value add business. The split of the company still seems to be on track for later this year, and Arconic (the announced name of the value add split of) would appear to set for some solid performance should the global economy hit its stride.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Surge Energy Dividend Reduction, Asset Sales, 2016 Guidance

Surge Energy (TSE:SGY) announced a 50% reduction in their dividend, as well as the closing of previously announced asset sales, as they continue to position themselves for a 'lower for longer' oil price scenario.

While it's a hit to my annualized dividend, it wasn't unexpected and I view it as a positive development. They are well capitalized for the current low price environment, and have room to move on other producers who might be under more financial stress. It was interesting to me that the CEO specifically mentioned Twin Butte Energy, a producer with neighbouring lands that's currently looking for a suitor, during a recent presentation as an example of a more stressed asset that could prove worth looking at.

Information is here.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

March 2016 Performance

The rising Canadian dollar had a somewhat negative impact on projected dividend payments, as the exchange on some of my Canadian stocks that pay in US funds took a bit of a hit. Nonetheless, I'm still well ahead of plan on the dividends, and as there will likely be a few larger purchases this month, I should be able to bump it up.

I'm well on track for an excellent year, beating all the indexes I measure myself against. For the first quarter of 2016, almost all my groups are in positive territory, some by a significant degree. I have a dozen holdings that are holding on to gains of over 10% for the year so far.

Bear Stock: Superior Plus continues to be a bit of a drag on my portfolio, but it's been creeping back up. Hoping that it can hold the line and not take further losses until they can see the benefits of the Canexus merger.

Bull Stock: Innergex has been on a tear. Apart from being a renewable energy company in the midst of a seismic shift in the investment landscape preferring renewables over fossil fuel sources, they've announced their move in Europe with assets in France. Definitely happy to be holding on to this one for now.

* Indicates a purchase or sale of the security within the month

2016 Dividend Payments: $3009.86 (+8.29% over previous year)
2017 Dividend Payments: $3058.11 (+1.60% over previous year)

Speculative Growth (+0.02%)
Canopy Growth Corporation (TSXV:CGC): -12.12%
Organigram (TSXV:OGI): -19.15%
Prairie Sky Royalty (TSX:PSK): +13.89%
Sherritt International (TSX:S): +10.96%
Superior Plus Corp (TSX:SPB): -12.45% *
TELUS (TSX:T): +11.74%

Long Term Growth Canadian (+8.35%)
Alliance Grain Traders (TSX:AGT): +12.09%
Brookfield Renewable Energy (TSX:BEP.UN): +9.83%*
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT (TSX:CAR.UN): +8.74%
Capital Power Corp (TSX:CPX): +3.39%
Corby Spirit and Wine (TSX:CSW.A): +2.84%*
Innergex Renewable Energy (TSX:INE): +26.34%
RBC Global Corporate Bond Fund (RBF1009): +2.77%*
Surge Energy (TSX:SGY): -0.57%*
TD Monthly Income Fund (TDB622): +4.48%*

Long Term Growth US (+11.37%)
Alcoa (NYSE:AA): +10.79%
Disney (NYSE:DIS): -4.82%
Investors Bancorp (NASDAQ:ISBC): -5.95%
Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT): +0.20%
Nordic American Offshore (NYSE:NAO): -12.71%
Realty Income Corp (NYSE:O): +19.92%
Unilever (NYSE:UL): +5.53%
Verizon (NYSE: VZ): +15.24%

Canadian Retirement (+8.82%)
Anglo  Pacific (TSX:APY): +8.99%
Alterra Power (TSX:AXY): -5.39%
Boralex Inc (TSX:BLX): +14.88%
Chartwell Senior Housing REIT (TSX:CSH.UN): +12.25% *
Dream Global REIT (TSX:DRG.UN): +3.10%
Methanex (TSX:MX): -0.18%
RBC 1-5 Year Laddered Bond (TSX:RBO): +0.35%
Rogers Sugar Income Fund (TSX:RSI): +24.09%
Royal Bank (TSX:RY): +23.29%

US Retirement (+8.01)
Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ): +6.07%
Dow Chemical (NYSE:DOW): +10.56%

Tax Free Income (-4.00%)
RBC US Monthly Income Fund (RBF1503): -4.00% *

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Innergex expands into France

Innergex (TSE:INE) has announced it's first official foray outside North America, picking up assets and development prospects for wind farms in France. The announcement can be found here.

The ongoing global expansion of renewable energy assets has proven to be one of the better asset classes to be invested in this year. All of the renewable energy companies in my portfolio are currently at market beating levels, Innergex, for example, is currently showing a 22.49% gain for the year. Global expansion should provide them with a diversified and stable growth platform while securing their ability to continue paying dividends.