Thursday, 25 February 2016

RBC posts 1st Quarter 2016 results, raises dividend 3%, energy loan losses soar

RBC (TSX:RY) posted their 1st Quarter 2016 results, which can be found here.

RBC Royal Bank may have mollified investors by raising the dividend 3%, but the results were largely mediocre. With the exposure of the big banks in Canada to losses on business loans in the energy sector, it was hardly surprising that results in that area would be subpar, and that extends out in to all areas of business. As the economic fortunes of Alberta continue to fail, every branch of finance that touches on the Province has demonstrated that it is not immune to the effects of the disaster unfolding there.

That said, the rest of Canada and the world continues to chug along in slow growth mode, mitigating the damage done, and while I don't expect to see spectacular results out of RBC over the next year or two, they continue to be a stable part of my portfolio.

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