Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Disney 1st Quarter 2016 Results

Disney has posted their 1st Quarter 2016 results, which can be found here.

The results surpassed expectations, though with the release of Star Wars:The Force Awakens, and the catalogue of Star Wars movies that enjoyed a resurgence in the lead up to it's release, it should hardly be considered a massive surprise. As one of only three movies to surpass $2 billion, it's been a blockbuster on multiple levels. With merchandising tie ins, the new trilogy of movies will be an ongoing source of positive revenue.

ESPN results showed why there are concerns over cord cutting...there's an ongoing weakness that is fundamental as people are moving more and more to on demand media consumption rather than subscriptions to premium services. This is likely to provide a bit of a ceiling on any gains Disney can enjoy, as they will need to find a way to address this phenomena, or watch as it continues to decline in importance.

Definitely going to continue holding on to this for some time to come.

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