Tuesday, 16 February 2016

CAP REIT reports 4th Quarter 2015 results and record growth

Canadian Apartment Properties REIT (TSX:CAR.UN) reported their 4th Quarter 2015 results, which can be found here.

With record growth, CAP REIT is continuing with the slow and steady trend that I like to see out of my work horse holdings. As I'd mentioned before, a holding like this allows me the benefits of collecting rent without actual being a land lord. While Alberta continues to struggle, people still need places to live, and when a home becomes unaffordable, they often look to rentals. Despite the economic downturn, CAP REIT continues to collect the rent and pass it on to people like me.

And unlike owning a rental property, I have the reliability of knowing the cheque is in the mail, that it will be the right amount and that even if a tenant leaves, thousands more wait in the wings.

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