Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Johnson & Johnson 4th Quarter 2015 Results

Johnson & Johnson reported earnings this morning, and their full earnings presentation can be found here.

Johnson & Johnson is one of my core holdings under the US Retirement category (I haven't gone over this category yet, but short version is, it's my US currency retirement account). As a Canadian, it's important to have exposure to US currency holdings to protect retirement dollars from fluctuations in the Canadian dollar. That's pretty evident right now as the Canadian dollar hovers near lows it hasn't seen in a decade.

As a global conglomerate in consumer goods and health care, Johnson & Johnson doesn't promise a lot of explosive growth, but it delivers stable returns and a slowly growing dividend. While the stock price may not promise massive returns, the dividend has increased every year from $0.425 annual in 1997 to $2.95 today. It's that steady march upwards in dividend that's earned it a place in my US Retirement portfolio.

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